Freshly cleaned and scented sheets. Crisp and clean table linen. Beautifully pressed and starched uniforms. These details reflect your exceptional service standards and convey trust, quality and credibility that are above par for hoteliers and restaurateurs alike.

As a specialist in the hospitality industry, we know that the feel of linen and towels is perhaps the ultimate quality criterion for your guests and one we hold in high regard. Meticulous attention is also given to guest laundry and preserving its highest quality.

By engaging our services, you will enjoy reliable and efficient delivery resulting in faster turnaround times. Our specially formulated washing formulas also confer these added benefits:

  • Longer linen lifespan
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Peace of mind from punctual and timely deliveries
  • Lower overall operating costs

Here at California Laundry, we have a flair for turning out spotlessly clean and well-pressed laundry designed to enhance your guests’ stay. Offering a full suite of services, we undertake all aspects of your linen and laundry needs, from room linen to guest laundry.